Wayward Coffeehouse re-opens in Roosevelt

The Wayward Coffeehouse officially opened its doors yesterday at in the old Science, Art, and More (*sniff*, we still miss you!) location on the corner of NE 65th Street and Roosevelt Way.

Wayward Coffeehouse in Roosevelt

As you may remember the Wayward Coffeehouse is originally from Greenwood, where it was the home of the Seattle Browncoats (fans of the short-lived Joss Whedon TV series, ‘Firefly‘). They’ve been closed since last fall when their building sustained damage from an electrical fire in neighboring business. (The Browncoats took up temporary shelter at another Roosevelt establishment, Cafe Racer.)

The drinks are as unique as the culture they embrace. There’s the Muad’dib Latte, a Dune-inspired ginger, apple, cinnamon latte, the Iocane Latte, which contains iocane powder (we hope you’ve built up a tolerance) and vanilla, and the Kobayashi Maru (seen below, courtesy of the CookLocal blog), which Wayward’s owner, Bronwyn tells us is a latte with hints of orange and blackberry.

In addition to making some damn fine coffee, the sci-fi themed cafe offers a wide array of sammiches and other nibbles. The space is huge, there’s free wi-fi, and there are plenty of large tables for playing games and sofas for relaxin’. Lots of events planned, too, including the First Friday Sci-Fi/Fantasy Film night with no cover charge.

Their grand opening shindig is set for this Saturday, November 5th at 7:00 PM. Local folk duo Vixy and Tonywill be on-hand to soft-rock us with a live performance.

Stop by and welcome the Wayward Coffeehouse to our corner of the ‘verse!

Wayward Coffeehouse opens in Roosevelt


  • http://twitter.com/Hireling Hireling

    A safe place to raise a glass to the Browncoats–even on Unification Day.

  • JeanSeattle@earthlink.net

    Article is missing the address!

  • guest

    I would like to support this local eatery, but their food is carb heavy – especially highly processed white bread. It would be great if the owner offered healthier food. Just because it’s vegetarian (or mostly veggie) doesn’t mean their food is healthy or nutrient-dense. I’ll eat at Sunlight or Thrive first then perhaps have a coffee there. But their menu makes it highly unlikely I’ll stop there as a primary choice.

  • http://twitter.com/LASdesigns Laura Souyoultzis

    corner of 65th and Roosevelt. It’s a multi-use bldg, so a house # won’t help much. Its on the lower level near 10,000 villages…

  • http://www.roosiehood.com Roosiehood

    The address is 6417 Roosevelt Way NE. They’re on the bottom level right under Caruh Salon and Spa. :)