Townhouses at future site of Roosevelt Station site listed for sale

Roosevelt Townhouses

According to Sound Transit’s North Link Light Rail February update, the townhouses on NE 66th between Roosevelt Way and 12th NE have been listed for sale or relocation.

In preparing to build Roosevelt Station, Sound Transit purchased eight townhouses (in four separate buildings) on Northeast 66th Street across from the QFC parking lot. As part of its sustainability program, Sound Transit hired Nickel Brothers to advertise the townhouse buildings for sale and relocation. If the buildings are sold, Nickel Brothers will move them to a new location.

The townhouses are listed on the Nickel Brothers website for $95,000 per pair of buildings (two units in each building, four buildings total.)

The catch? The units can only be moved a few blocks at the most. If they can’t find a buyer, the townhouses will be torn down before work on the station begins.

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