Crime and Poop

First, the crime

It sounds like the three suspects nabbed in the Maple Leaf break-in last week may not be connected to our local burglaries after all.

Both Seattle Crime and Maple Leaf Life are reporting that King County prosecutors have charged the three teens (males, ages 18, 15, and 16) with breaking into a home on NE 89th and 12th NE on November 10th. The teens told police the had decided to break into the house while they were on a lunch break from Ingraham High School.

According to, very little evidence has been recovered and the suspects haven’t admitted to any other break-ins, so police seem to be less sure that they can connect the teens to the other break-ins in Maple Leaf, Roosevelt, Ravenna, and Bryant.

Maybe we’ll find out more info at the Neighborhood Crime Prevention meeting at Ravenna-Eckstein Community Center tonight at 7:30?

Now, what’s all this about poop?


If there’s one thing that riles our neighborhood more than crime, it’s poop.

Sorry to say, I don’t have a relevant poop story, but I did happen to see this sign on and thought I’d share. I’m very tempted to make a sign like this next time someone decides to leave us a present.

“Thank you for leaving this for me. I really don’t need it. Feel free to take it home for your own use.”